Earn up to 135 APR %
How to get STADA on Solana network
Step 1: Purchase STADA tokens on Pancakeswap
Step 2: Bridge from Source Binance Smart Chain to Target Solana
Step 3: Select the pool and Stake STADA tokens
Staking revenue earn
Earn staking rewards of every Cardano native token or seamlessly apply as a project for staking pool creation with no additional cost or development hurdle.
Participate in airdrops
Earn extra project incentive tokens and STADA rewards by bootstrapping the Cardano ecosystem by staking into StakeADA pools.
Win raffles
Try the luck to multiply staking rewards by participating in a lossless lottery gambling the yield with principal protection.

Why StakeADA?

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Aman Pratap Singh
Chief Executive Officer
5 years in software development, 5+ in software architecture and management. More than 4 years of experience in blockchain and crypto.
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Chief Technology Officer
5+ years in marketing & sales, 2+ years in investments & investor relations
Ritik Jaiswal
Investor Relations Manager
3+ years of social media management experience. Experience in public communication in the field of Blockchain.


Freaquently asked questions

The StakeADA Protocol allows users to stake their tokens in any number of participating pools and earn rewards based on their stake. The platform is committed to making staking easy and accessible for all so that everyone can participate in the growth of the ADA network.
Staking rewards usually range from 50% to 350% APR depending on stake duration, participants number, and rewards allocated to the pool. However, often earnings are way more significant for early users.
All of the main wallets as supported by Pancakeswap, Astroswap, Sundaeswap, or Minswap can be used to purchase STADA.
The staking protocol is in the active development phase and is scheduled for beta release early in Q4 2023.
You will be able to purchase STADA on leading Binance Smart Chain DEX Pancakeswap, Velas chain Astroswap, and Cardano chain Sundaeswap and Minswap.
StakeADA is a decentralized staking protocol built on Cardano that enables users to earn rewards for staking their tokens. While single staking might already be present in some projects StakeADA is the only protocol to offer staking functionality for all and every Cardano ecosystem native token.

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